Nord Modules
Industrial Automation

Nord Modules produces flexible modules developed and designed for MiR´s mobile robots, connecting the mobile robot with productions lines. With our robust solutions in industrial quality we extend the functionality of mobile industrial robots, taking automation of internal logistic to a higher level.
Our safe and ready to use products enhance heavy payload transportation between production lines and storage systems. Increase your production line flexibility by using the same mobile robot for multiple tasks and reassign staff to higher value activities, saving time and money.


Get more out of MiR

Our Top Mover is placed above the mobile robot MiR100 & MiR200 and merges with our gate modules to move objects between production lines and storage systems, automating internal logistics.
Integrated software and an intelligent touchscreen with user-friendly interface makes it easy to add customer-specific functions, fulfilling individual needs for all kind of industries.


Highest quality and innovative solutions increase your productivity and reduce production cost due to more efficiency as well as flexibility.

Nordic quality

Nord Modules is founded by the MiR co-founder, Bruno Hansen. Bruno is a product engineer and has played a key part in the design of the MiR products, which is where he got inspired to broaden the functionality of the mobile industrial robots. Behind Bruno stands an experienced team of specialists in each of their own fields, providing great expertise in the robot industry.