The Nord Story

Get to know who we are and what we do!

We change production and logistics setups in the robotics and automation business.

Nord Modules are connecting mobile robots with factories.

We believe that our concept One System Fits All will bring significant change into your workplace.

We create solutions that optimize processing speed, utilization of space and modular flexibility for our customers.
Furthermore our standard modules help reducing repetitive work and freeing employees for more value-adding tasks.

With our robust solutions we extend the functionality of mobile robots, taking automation to a higher level.
Also, all our applications are safe and ready to use and enhance heavy payload transportation between production lines and storage systems.


Our founding

Nord Modules is founded by Bruno Hansen, Co-founder of Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), in 2017.

Nord Modules main focus is to create applications that can reduce monotonous repetitive work and increase produtivity. At the same time we innovate and deliver reliable robotic applications for load transfer that provide superior ROI through optimal speed, space and flexibility.

Company Values

Customer Centricity

We offer superior customer service throughout all touchpoints.
We put as well high focus on after sales service in terms of
e.g. product performance and warranty.

Market Orientation

With our flexible and agile company structures we strive to quickly react
to changes within the marketplace and to customer requests.
As well as adapting to local requirements.

Superior Quality

We are committed to offering high-quality applications and aim to exceed
customers expectations. with this intention. Our applications are aimed at adding value to our customers production or internal logistics.


The partnerships with our distributors are of fundamental importance to us.
Including establishing a valuable and long-term partnerships
for prospering business on both sides!


We seek to continually develop new applications that further
enrich the automation industry and also add value to
our customers and partners.

Inspiring Environment

We strive to create an environment that inspires our employees & partners.
In addition we make everyone's opinion count and aim
to create a familiar working atmosphere.

Who is Nord Modules?

The founder, Bruno Hansen, explain who Nord Modules is and what we do.