Live webinar 24th March: SCAPE OPEN DAY

How is your agility, stability, and security of supply?

Flexible automation, which can be constantly expanded and ensure a coherent production and logistics flow, is the main way to stand strong in the value chains of the future.

Take a shortcut and get free inspiration on how you can strengthen your processes, production, and products when we together with Scape Technologies, Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots, and Technicon are hosting a live free webinar on 24th March. 

In 1,5 hours you will experience how robotic applications are working together, solving productivity issues, and improving the working environment in many industries. You will learn how a new flexible generation of user-friendly robotic automation solutions handles parts from boxes, bins, and pallets, – solving monotonous repetitive harmful tasks, and you will gain new insights and knowledge about user-friendly robotic automation solutions.

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Nord Modules gains new investment and joins Robot hub

We are very happy to announce that Nord Modules (NM) are joining a new Robot Hub - Octagon, with Søren Juul Jørgensen as the new main shareholder. The new investment will be used to make NM an inevitable player and capture an even larger share of the market.

CCO Kenneth Bruun Henriksen are very happy with the new investment.

“With Søren on board, we get both some strong competencies and more muscle financially, making Nord Modules ready for the next level, "

He continues

"Søren focuses on companies with growth and development potential, where he can actively contribute to and accelerate the companies' development. By being an active owner and contributing both capital and industrial experience, the company can achieve its full potential."

Octagon as new HQ

With this new investment, Nord Modules becomes a part of Robot Hub ‘Octagon’ based in Odense already consisting of 2 other players within the industry. All based under the same roof at Hollufgaardsvej 31, 5260 Odense S, where Nord Modules will have their new headquarter.

At the same time, Nord Modules gains new CEO, Erik Mønster, current CEO for Octagon, who will take office 1st of February 2021. Nord Modules’ Founder: Bruno Hansen, steps down to focus on other projects. Erik Mønster has hands-on experience already being CEO for both Smooth Robotics and Graphic Robotics and brings a lot of valuable knowledge to the table.

Erik is very happy to join Nord Modules

“I look forward to being part of the fantastic Nord Modules team. I have great respect for the work and the journey that Nord Modules has been on, and I look forward to being able to contribute to the further journey, "

Nord Modules are looking into an exciting future, with
new and higher goals in mind.

Nord Modules Fully Automates Material Handling with ‘One System Fits All’ Module and Cobot-Armed Gates

Reduce your costs and increase your productivity with our Quick Mover.

ODENSE, Denmark – October 27, 2020

Nord Modules today announced the Quick Mover 180the most flexible and easytodeploy top module to enable autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to perform multiple material handling tasks. When coupled with Nord’s automated load-transfer gates with collaborative robot (cobot) arms, the space-efficient QM180 creates the first fully autonomous material handling system, with material flowing seamlessly from production lines to the AMR to the warehouse. This autonomyalong with the QM180’s speed, space and flexibility benefitsoptimizes logistics, increases productivitylowers overall costs and delivers a superior return on investment.

With a single top module, the QM180 handles a plethora of materials—gates, half pallets, plastic boxes, carton boxes, carts and cobot solutionsWithout changing top modules, this unmatched flexibility gives manufacturers the ability to:

  • Transport multiple types of containers from A to B to C   
  • Pick up goods from gates and deliver to a drop-off point 
  • Precisely re-position goods to another automation area (e.g., a CNC machine) 

While AMRs transform material transport, increase plant efficiency and reduce employee injuriestheir benefits are only maximized with top modules and high-quality gates that transfer the materials,” said Kenneth B. Henriksenchief commercial officer, Nord Modules. “With the QM180, for the first time, customers can use a single top module on their AMR to transport materials to a cobot-armed gate that can autonomously pick up and transport multiple types of materials. 


The QM180 transports materials to gates installed at production lines, storage systems and conveyors. The gates can include Nord’s CT155 (cobot tower), with an attached cobot arm that picks up the materials and places them where they need to go next. With this one system fits all strategy, material handling becomes faster, easier and much less expensive because the AMR doesn’t have to be refitted with various top modules to transport and deliver different kinds of containers. 

Speed, Space and Flexibility = Superior ROI 

Before the launch of Nord Modules in 2018, top modules and gates for AMRs were custom maderequiring custom engineeringsafety approvals, production and testing before they could be installed and deployedNord simplified that, delivering innovative, reliable and standard robotic applications for load transfer. To maximize customer ROI, Nord focuses on developing space-efficient systems that are highly flexible and quick to deploy. 

Today, Nord’s well-tested standardized top modules deliver: 

  • Fast time to deploymentcustomers can set up and install most top modules and gates out of the box within 30 minutes 
  • Reduced docking time as sensors guide the connection at the gates  
  • Versatility with one top module enabling multiple tasks 
  • The smallest footprint (31x24"/80x60cm instead of traditional 32x32"/80x80cm), optimizing valuable floor space   

The QM180 is delivered with i
ntegrated software and a tablet for manual controlUsing the touchscreenusers can also manually control the robot, if needed, and adapt the system for specialized work processes.   

Get the most flexible solution with the Quick Mover, QM180

Nominated for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Nominated for the EY Entrepreneur Of the Year 2020

We are proud and excited to have been nominated for the #EYEntrepreneurOfTheYear in the category Start-up/Scaleup.

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is the world’s most recognized growth creator competition, which pay tribute to the best growth creators in Denmark and globally. Thank you EY.

Congratulation to all the other nominees in the run for this award in the different categories.


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Meet us at Automatica in Munich 16. -19. June 2020

Meet us at Automatica in Munich 16. -19. June 2020

We will be showcasing our newest developments at Automatica in Munich from 16. – 19. of June 2020.

Automatica is the leading exhibition for Smart Automation and Robotics.

Find us at booth 510 close to the booth of MiR.

Stay tuned for more info!

Premium solution with largest possible transport area for pallets

Premium solution with largest possible transport area for pallets

Our Pallet Mover PM1548 enables the mobile robots MiR500 and MiR1000 to pick up and deliver pallets. The application is transporting the pallets to e.g. production lines or packing stations, thereby enhancing internal logistics.

This fully automated premium solution allows heavy payload transportation of up to 1500kg to optimize internal logistics and production.

The large transport area of the PM1548 allows maximum flexibility in terms of pallet sizes to be transported.

Due to its large transport area (1320 x 1256 mm | 52″ x 49.45″ in) the PM1548 can transport various pallet sizes including EU pallets and half-pallet sizes, as well as US pallets and individual pallet sizes.

Integrated technology enables communication to external roller conveyors by infrared signals to e.g. indicate the readiness for a pick-up or delivery of a pallet.

Safe driving with a heavy load through an integrated pallet locking function. The fully automated and flexible locking function allows the fixing of various pallet sizes.