Launch of new Product Series

20. February 2019

We are excited to announce that we just  introduced a new product series to the automation market! In addition to our FLEX Series, we now present the new BASIC Series - giving our customers more choice within our product portfolio. The FLEX series offers maximum flexibility regarding load sizes that can be handled. From smaller items to bigger items. Ideal for customers that handle many different load sizes within production or logistics. Through the removal of two fingers and the front wheels, the new BASIC series offers more competitive modules. Therefore, it is ideal for customers that continuously handle identical and bigger load sizes within production or logistics. Our product portfolio offers flexible modules in industrial quality that add great value to mobile robots and the process of automation. All products are produced and tested in Denmark to meet highest production standards. Meanwhile our dedicated team around CEO Bruno Hansen is working on further product innovations. We will be excited to bring more value-adding products to the market soon!