Get to know our founder Bruno Hansen and his vision for industrial automation!

As companies recognize the advantages of mobile robots — automating monotonous, repetitive, and injury-prone manual material transportation —  they look for new ways to optimize applications to reduce costs and increase productivity. With our high-quality gates and top modules, they can easily create fully automated systems, with material flowing effortlessly from production lines to the mobile robot to the warehouse. And our standard, off-the-shelf modules make it easy to update lines and flexibly redeploy these mobile platforms for even greater use and faster ROI.

More about Bruno and his vision: Bruno is Nord Modules’ founder, CEO, as well as the creative and innovative head of Nord Modules. Since he discovered his entrepreneurial gene at age 17, his education, jobs and interests have been focussed on “creating something”. After his university education he worked as an Engineer for well known companies such as Mærsk. His vision of creating products that can reduce monotonous repetitive work and increase productivity led to co-founding Mobile Industrial Robots.

With the establishment of Nord Modules Bruno aimed at adding value to mobile robots with flexible, high-quality modules that enable mobile robots to pick-up and deliver heavy payloads. We know offer various modules, applications, as well as fully automated solutions.

Our solutions also enable companies to combine different collaborative robots such as Mobile Industrial Robots, UR robotarms and OnRobot grippers, creating a value adding collaborative system. Together with his dedicated team Bruno Hansen is continuously working on new product innovations and we will be excited to bring more value-adding products to the market – taking automation to the next level.

It is our pleasure supporting our customers with their automation projects, removing repetititve work and injury-prone internal material transport!