We revolutionize how applications for mobile robots can be used.The most flexible system.

Do you want to make sure you get the most out of your automation?

We have the solution – One System Fits All!

We make it possible for you to automate your business without buying a ton of different robots/applications.
Our innovative and flexible Quick Mover, QM180 makes it possible for one top module to handle different tasks
and solve your challenges. The Quick Mover can handle both gates, half pallets, plastic boxes, carton boxes,
carts and cobot solutions which means that with only one top module you can:

  • Transport goods from A to B to C
  • Pick up goods from gates and deliver to a drop off point
  • Deliver goods to eg. a CNC machine , with precision.

The benefits you get with the One System Fits All

Reduce your costs

With our One System Fits All solution you secure a fast docking time.
The docking time can be reduced up to five time compared to a normal AMR docking,
giving you a fast pay back and reduce your costs.

Freeing employees to more value adding tasks

With our One System Fits All solution the Quick Mover takes over
the tedious and manual tasks. Also improve conditions of the employees
and do the dull and dangerous tasks related to manual labor.

Optimize your floor space

With our One System Fits All solution you dont need a facility renovation
or change your entier factory layout. Our gates and carts seek the smallest
footprint possible and in just 30 minuts you can be up running with the Quick Mover.

Factory Layout

To make it easier for you to visualize and understand how our One System Fits All can benefit you, we have developed a Factory Layout.
No matter what your production looks like, our solution with the Quick Mover will be able to optimize your internal logistics and increase your productivity.

Want to see more?Check out the videos.

Watch how the Quick Mover works in action
More videos are coming. Stay tuned!