Our Gate Picking Solution GP155 is part of our solution to combine multiple collaborative robots for a fully automated system – taking automation to the next level. The GP155 is placed on our Solid Gate SG155. This hook set-up ensures an accurate placement of items on the gate after being delivered by the MiR robot and our Top Mover TM155. High placement accuracy is needed for robot arms installed on the gate to further process the items e.g. place them on a workstation.

Your key benefits:

  • Complete hook set-up with mounting plate and hook to fixate the items accurately in the designated position.
  • Integrated wheels ensure fixation in the same position within every operation. Repeatability 0.5 mm
  • An integrated sensor detects when a plate has been delivered; the hook then pulls back the plate and fixates it.
  • A communication module and a small control box is integrated to communicate with the mobile robot as well as the cobot arm, to ensure a fully automated system.
  • Ideal collaborative solution together with our Solid Gate SG155 and our Cobot Tower CT155 on which the robot arm is installed.
Working area:

800 x 600 mm |
31.5” x 23.6”

Total working load:

100 kg


± 0,5 mm


RAL 7035

Emergency stop ready for integration with industrial robot (PLD).

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