Raise large and heavy loads through relatively
small distances with the semi-automated ManuMover.
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Why choose the ManuMover

The ManuMover is a flexible semi-automated solution. It is very easy to set-up and implement in your factory. The ManuMover improves productivity and is ideal for picking up/deliver goods from eg. carts, shelfs, and working stations. If you want to increase your productivity and optimize your internal logistics without changing your factory layout and want a semi-automated solution then the ManuMover is ideal for you and your company.

Increase your productivity

Optimize internal logistics

Flexible and easy to integrate

ManuMover description

The ManuMover with hydraulic tabel trucks are used to raise large and heavy loads through relatively small distances, and in areas with limited space where an AMR is not able to navigate. Hydraulic table trucks lend themselves to being easily adapted to our ManuMover and merge with our gates. The ManuMover is commonly used for material loading and work positioning. Hydraulic table trucks are a recommended way to help reduce incidents of musculoskeletal disorders
by correctly re-positioning work at a suitable height for operators. The ManuMover can also easily be used as a working station.

Proof of content
Easy setup
Can easily be used as a working station

Suitable for areas with limited space
Price competible solution

Technical specifications

Dimensions (LWH):

890 x 518 x 205 mm |
35” x 20.4″ x 8.1”

Transport area:

800 x 600 mm |
31″ x 24″

Application weight

14 kg

Centre distance between arms:

140 mm / 5.5″

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