SG155 - Solid Gate

Freeing employees from handling heavy items and create a fully automated system with the Solid Gate.

Product sheet

Why choose the Solid Gate

Solid Gate connects your production lines and storage systems with the mobile robot and create a fully automated system. It is easy to set up and suitable in areas with limited space. The Solid Gate optimize your internal logistics and freeing  employees from handling heavy items.
If you want to increase your productivity and optimize your internal logistics without changing your factory layout then the Solid Gate is ideal for your company.

Freeing employees

Increase your productivity

Optimize internal logistics

Solid Gate description

The Solid Gate SG155 merges with the Quick Mover installed on a AMR-robot. The Solid Gate can receive or hold an object, connecting the mobile robot with production lines and storage systems. It is designed as a basic standard module which can serve as e.g. a flexible pick-up point or simply be adjusted to specialised work processes.
Due to the optimized distance between the arms the modules deliver great flexibility in terms of load sizes – from small to large items.

The gate modules of this series possess the smallest footprint possible and are also suitable for projects with severe space constraints.

Simple and fast assembly process
Creating a fully automated system
Suitable in areas with limited space
Reliable and cost-efficient
Connects with mobile robots
Optimization internal logistics
Freeing employees from handling heavy items

Technical specifications

Dimensions (LWH):

1000 x 670 x 545 mm
39.4 x 26.4 x 21.5 in

Transport area:

800 x 600 mm
31″ x 24″

Handling capacity:

MiR100: 53kg/ 117lbs
MiR200: 150 kg/ 338 lbs

Distance between the arms:

140 mm | 5.5”


87 kg/ 192 lbs


RAL 7035

Solid Gate works with

Quick Mover

Quick Mover

Cobot Setup

Cobot Tower

Gate Picking

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