PC1200 - Pallet Conveyor

Optimize internal transport of heavy loads and pallets with the Pallet Conveyor.
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Why choose the Pallet Conveyor

The Pallet Conveyors are very flexible and designed to handle full range of EU, US and half size pallets.
The Pallet Conveyors optimize internal logistics, is very easy to implement and quick to get running.
If your company want the most value from our Pallet Movers then the Pallet Conveyors is an ideal solution.

Flexible system

Increase your productivity

Easy and quick to implement

Pallet Conveyor description

Our Pallet Conveyors PC800, 1000 and 1200 are suited for the horizontal transport of full and empty pallets.
The Pallet Conveyors connect our applications and the AMR robot with internal logistics or production lines and thereby enhance industrial automation.
The conveying height of the module is adjustable and can fit to your individual needs. Together with the frames for height adjustment
of the Pallet Movers it forms the perfect set up and can be implemented instantly.

Easy implementation and quick set-up
Suitable for customization
Conveyor speed of 0.22 m/s
Available in three different width dimensions
Floor irregulairties can easily be levelev out by adjustable supports

Technical specifications

Conveying good width:

1200 mm | 47.3″

Module conveying width:

1260 mm | 49.6″

Module width:

1400 mm | 55.1″

Conveying height:

170 to 1200 mm | 6.7″ to 47.3″

Roller pitch:

127 to 254 mm | 5 to 10”

Module length:

300 to 5960 mm | 11.8″ to 234.7″

Max. load capacity:

1000 kg/m

Rated voltage:

400 V

Pallet Conveyor works with

VL Marker


Pallet Mover, PM1500

Pallet Mover, PM1548

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