TM 153 – Top Mover

Nord Modules produces standard modules in industrial quality for automated productions.

Our Top Mover TM153 enables the mobile robots MiR100 and MiR200 to pick up & deliver objects from and to our gates, transporting them to e.g. a conveyer belt, enhancing internal logistics.

The TM153 with a lifting function is placed on top of the mobile robot. With its specially designed slats it can merge with our gate modules, connecting the mobile robot with production lines and storage systems.
The integrated software and an intelligent touchscreen allow users to adjust to specialized work processes, forming an efficient automation of internal transportation tasks and thus, reducing costs and increasing productivity.


1016 x 614 x 907 mm
40” x 24” x 35” in (LWH)

Handling capacity:

MiR100: 53 kg | 117 lbs
MiR200: 153 kg | 337 lbs

Transport area:

800 x 600 mm
31″ x 24″ in


RAL 7035


(suitable for RG153, WG153, SG153)

• Safe and reliable transportation of objects - designed according to international safety standards

• Cost-efficient delivery of payloads up to 153 kg / 337 lbs

• Touch screen with user-friendly interface to easily add customer-specific functions and programs

• Rubber-lined aluminum slats, making sure that the object is always placed securely on the TM153

• Flexible standard product designed to simply adjust to specialised work processes

• Simple set up and running within a few days - providing a complete solution with our gates