QM180 - Quick Mover

Reduce your costs and increase your productivity with the Quick Mover.

Why choose the Quick Mover

The Quick Mover is the most flexible mobile robot application. It is very easy to set up and implement in your factory. The Quick Mover improves productivity and ideal for picking up goods from different gates and/or our Shelf Cart. If you want to reduce your costs, increase your productivity and optimize your internal logistics without changing your factory layout then the Quick Mover is ideal for your company.

Reduce your costs

Increase your productivity

Optimize internal logistics

Quick Mover description

The Quick Mover QM180 pick up goods from gates and can also pick up the Shelf Cart SC400.
The Quick Mover is placed on top of the mobile robot and functions by a lifting mechanism integrated in the module.
The provided smartphone allows you to manually control the robot and adjust specialized work processes,
which forms efficient automation of internal transportation. The Quick Mover also reduces your costs and increases productivity.

Smartphone included
Flexible standard product
Simple setup and installation (30 minutes)
Reliable and cost-efficient
Possibility to personalize the module

Technical specifications

Dimensions (LWH):

800 x 600 x 240 mm
31″ x 24″ x 9.4″

Transport area:

800 x 600 mm
31″ x 24″

Handling capacity:

MiR100: 70 kg | 154 lbs
MiR200: 170 kg | 374 lbs
MiR250: 220 kg | 485 lbs

Distance between the arms:

140 mm | 5.5 in

Application weight:

30 kg | 66 lbs


RAL 7011 & RAL 5011

Lifting capacity:

30 mm | 1.2 in

Quick Mover works with


Solid Gate

Gate Picking

Gate Picking

Cobot Tower

Cobot Tower

Shelf Cart

Shelf Cart

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