WG150 – Wheel Gate

Our Wheel Gate WG150 merges with our TM150 installed on the mobile robot MiR100 or MiR200 to receive or deliver an object, connecting the mobile robot with production lines and storage systems.

Wheels installed on the gate make it is easy for employees or the mobile robot to manually push objects to the pickup point or into the production line, automating internal logistics and increasing productivity.

Gate dimensions:

1150 x 866 x 545 mm
45 x 34 x 21 in

Drop off & pick up area:

800 x 600 mm
31 x 24 in

Handling capacity:

153 kg | 338 lbs


RAL 7035

• Safe transportation due to adjustable brake plates, which ensure the optimal placement of the object on the gate - designed according to principles of international safety standards

• Reliable and cost-efficient connection of the mobile robots MiR100 and MiR200 with production lines and storage systems

• Optimization of internal logistics receiving heavy payloads of up to 153 kg | 338 lbs, freeing staff resources for higher value activities

• Easy extension of gate-functionality by installing customer-specific equipment such as robot arms, lifts, conveyors and others

• Flexible standard gate - no need to change internal workflows or the facility as such

• Simple and fast assembly process - providing a complete solution in combination with our TM150